TransWorld Haunted Attractions SHOW

From March 19th – March 22nd 2020 in St Louis we will be going to TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show for the very first time! A lot of Owners & Actors in the industry have said to me” You love Haunts, but haven’t gone yet” I honestly took that as a challenge and put up or shut up became the motto for this event!

I have seen many photos and videos from the attractions show as well as Fans, Owners, & Vendors! So with us diving into the attractions side of things with reviews, video walk thru’s, behind the scenes and the upcoming podcast, I felt it was time for us to go to this show!

For those of you that have no Idea what this is, well imagine this for a moment, A place where you can purchase anything from Costumes, to animations, to Props and everything in between dedicated to Halloween, The Haunted Attractions Industry & More! Do you have a favorite Haunted Attraction? Wonder where they get their props, costumes & More? This is a great first place to take a peek and see what new ideas have been brought to the table in the industry! Every year I sit by and watch and drool all over the screen looking at tons of eye candy that is presented to us! Its amazing at how creative vendors are getting with new products!

Have no fear my ghoulish fiends! Of course we will have plenty to cover for when we return, as well as what ever gets thrown our way! There are events to attend, All kinds of awesome things to see and do and there might just be something for everyone to enjoy upon our return! Stay tuned as we get closer and closer to the Show and after the show! It will be great to be able to talk about the event after going for the first time!

If you are in the industry of some sorts , check out the website for more details!

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