The PODCAST ROOM is Nearing Completion!

With 2020 starting off on the right foot, We have been working on the room, starting from scratch trying to make it the room we wanted for when we do The PODCAST! All we have left to do is install cameras and we should be ready to test and get the ball rolling on The PODCAST!

What we plan on doing is having guests on each podcast from Haunted Attractions, from owners to actors, FX Make Up Artists and everything in between! Then we can make sure that you the viewer get to hear some crazy stories and about the Haunted Attractions Industry!

Make sure to subscribe to our YOUTUBE Channel & get ready for PODCASTS to be rolled out!

We have also updated and changed around the PODCAST ROOM as we have bought more props and things to help give this room the look we want with the PODCAST! We should be getting ready to start filming the podcasts after a few more tests! We will also let everybody know when we start filming and will update each podcast with GUESTS! Let us know what you think about the PODCASTING ROOM!

Panoramic VIEW Of The ROOM!
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