The Hauntapolooza Podcast

13th WORLD CLOWN Compilations!

13th WORLD opened on Oct1st, 2021. We will keep updating this post with the new videos that we record while working in this Haunted Attraction! Get a behind the scenes look at what we are doing and the fun we are having! Tickets range from $25-$40 depending on options you pick and head over to […]

Factory OF Terror – Fall River 2021 REVIEW!

On Sept11th, 2021, Factory of Terror opened their doors for the 2021 season! Factory of terror is under new ownership and the new owners have really brought this place back from the dead! We go into full detail in our video below! After watching, please be sure to share this post with your friends, subscribe […]

The Hauntapolooza PODCAST Christmas Party!


For those that know us, we love to throw some crazy parties and have a lot of fun! So what happens when you mix a Family Christmas Party mix with some help of Eli Mae? Watch the video and you will see why!

Also, if you would love for Eli Mae to attend your party make sure to contact Eli Mae Production on FACEBOOK & Instagram! Make sure to tell them we sent you!