Dr. Gigglez Hauntapolooza Podcast

Leathal New Years 4 SHOW!

December 31st, 2022 in Worcester, MA at The Raven, We are closing out the new year with a bang! This is a 21+ event and we got one Hell Of A LINE-Up for you! FIRST JASON – Lead SINGER Ari Lehman, who actually played Jason Vorhees in the Original Friday the 13th MOVIE will be […]

13th World Fright PARK

Located in Palmer, MA at 1701 Park Street, formerly known as the crossroads, now is a FRIGHT Park complete with a midway and a haunted trail. Opening night was on Sept 24th, 2022! http://www.13thworld.com They have 2 locations, the original is located in CUMBERLAND, RI at Diamond Hill PARK! There are two locations in the […]

The Hauntapolooza PODCAST Christmas Party!


For those that know us, we love to throw some crazy parties and have a lot of fun! So what happens when you mix a Family Christmas Party mix with some help of Eli Mae? Watch the video and you will see why!

Also, if you would love for Eli Mae to attend your party make sure to contact Eli Mae Production on FACEBOOK & Instagram! Make sure to tell them we sent you!